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University Animal Hospital: A Change Walking Through the Door

University Animal Hospital has come a long way since it opened in 1962.  Some clients may even remember visiting our veteran doctors at the building on Broadway.  Let's celebrate 48 years serving the East Valley with a trip down memory lane.
Back on Broadway the office was a bit cozy and when the new hospital was built we had plans to give our patients more space and our staff the ability to grow. The new lobby was designed to keep our clients flowing through the building and ease the congestion created by multiple people and animals coming in and out of our doors. We also brought brightness to the lobby in the form of large windows and light paint, a welcome change from the old space. To allow for more privacy while waiting, the benches are separated by low tiled walls.
Clients may also notice something missing from our lobby that is commonly found in other veterinary offices - and no, I am not talking about that funny “pet” smell (although we do pride ourselves on our fresh and clean lobby) - I am talking about clunky files. We have long since abandoned the old paper file and implemented a new, paperless system where all records are maintained by computer. This is more efficient and less wasteful.

Our front office sure may look different, but one thing hasn’t changed - the smile and friendly greeting you receive when you walk through the door.