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University Animal Hospital: Designed with your pet in mind

University Animal Hospital has come a long way since it opened in 1962.  Some clients may even remember visiting our veteran doctors at the building on Broadway.  Let's celebrate 48 years serving the East Valley with a trip down memory lane. 

When the new hospital was designed the goal was to create a one-stop shop where clients could have their pet examined, groomed and boarded at the same place they bought their food and toys.  However, the most important consideration was ensuring that the patients received the exceptional care.  The treatment area for the new hospital reflects just how well that goal was met.

The treatment area is the main hub of the medical side to UVH.  In order to treat patients more efficiently specific technicians are designated to work in the treatment area; monitoring hospitalized patients and assisting with various procedures.  4 tables are available to perform procedures ranging from trimming nails to anesthetizing a patient, this allows our multi-doctor staff to work fluidly.  The treatment area also functions as the hospital ICU so critical patients are constantly being monitored by doctors and technicians working in the area.  The surgical suite and doctors office, both with large viewing windows, are positioned adjacent to the treatment area so doctors and staff are able to keep an eye on their patients no matter where they are.  

So if you ever come in to see the doctor and they take Fluffy to "the back" you know right where your pet is going for that ear cleaning, blood draw, or bandaging.