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University Animal Hospital: Its a Dogs' World

University Animal Hospital has come a long way since it opened in 1962.  Some clients may even remember visiting our veteran doctors at the building on Broadway.  Let's celebrate 48 years serving the East Valley with a trip down memory lane.

Before the new building University Animal Hospital offered a quaint boarding facility with a handful of runs and a small yard. Today University Animal Hospital offers over 150 dog runs (indoor only and indoor/outdoor) and over 40 cat condos, plus doctor supervised boarding in the hospital wards and exotic pet boarding.  It was our goal with the new building to offer a home away from home that could accommodate any pet.

In order to meet this goal we designed indoor/outdoor runs that can be accessed from either side with a separating door that can be open and closed from the outside.  This means the outdoor portion can be closed off in the event of bad weather, it also allows us to clean the runs even when we are not able to touch the animal (such as dogs in rabies quarantine).  Runs in both the indoor and indoor/outdoor have the ability to connect, allowing larger families to occupy more space while staying together.

Our yards were also created give dogs more space while keeping them safe and secure.  We have 3 enclosed yards for individuals or families to have play time or go potty.  Each yard is covered to shade from the sun with misters and kiddie pools available in the summer.  We installed a high quality artificial grass, that provides a soft and natural terrain but does not require water and does not aggravate any allergies.

Cats are kept in a separate area where they can relax and check out the view of a little courtyard we set up outside their area. Like the dog runs, the cat condos can connect vertically and horizontally allowing for larger families to have a more space. We also have a set of corner condos that offer additional privacy for the more timid boarders.  Other small mammals such as rabbits and ferrets are kept in this same area.

The boarding facility was a major concern when the new building was designed, we wanted to offer an all-in-one service to our clients and our growing client base meant we needed to expand what we offered.  Today you can drop your pet off for boarding and doctor's visit and have them groomed before you pick up.  And knowing that trained kennel staff, technicians and veterinarians are on premises 7 days a week offers our clients the most important thing of all, peace of mind.