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University Animal Hospital: Keeping up with the times

University Animal Hospital has come a long way since it opened in 1962.  Some clients may even remember visiting our veteran doctors at the building on Broadway.  Let's celebrate 48 years serving the East Valley with a trip down memory lane.

A lot has changed in animal medicine since UVH first opened it's doors in 1962.  The advances made in understanding the diseases and processes found in companion animals has drastically changed how we treat them and consequently has increased their quality of life significantly.  For example, if you could take your 8 week old puppy back in time and sit in a UVH exam room in 1965, you would notice very little information about puppy vaccinations - that is because many of the common canine diseases we vaccinate against today were not discovered until the 1970's.

Today pets receives many of the same medical treatments their owners do in human hospitals.  X-ray, ultrasound, EKG, endoscopy and even MRI technology has all been adopted by veterinarians to better diagnose our furry, feathered and scaly companions.  Breakthroughs in pharmacology are providing our pets with better drugs for anesthesia, pain management, and antibiotics to name a few.  University Animal Hospital is proud to offer our patients this advanced quality care and we are excited to see what changes the future has in store.