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We want to hear your pet stories

We want to hear about your pets! Brag them up, show them off, tell us how clever and beautiful and brave and caring your companions are. Snotty cats, loyal dogs, inscrutible lizards, brilliant birds: we want to know all about them.

We've added a Pet Stories page to our site. Right now it's empty, but we're hoping our clients and fans will enjoy showing off their babies. Here's what you need to do:

First, create an account on our website. An account at is totally free! This is new for us! Pet Stories are just the first for-members-only service, but account holders will be informed first when we add great new tools to the site for your convenience. We ask only that you use your real first and last name, so they appear correctly alongside your Pet Story when it is published. We'll let you know when your account has been approved.

Once your account has been approved, log in with your email address and password. When you do, you'll see a new menu way over in the sidebar with our VetSource Home Delivery, Pet Portal, Pet Health Network and other promotions. Look for the Welcome! note, and you'll see buttons for "Tell Us Your Pet's Story", "My Account" and "Log Out." All pretty simple stuff for anyone who's been on the web for more than a few weeks.

We've added a "log in or create an account" choice under the Home menu. It's also always a link down in the footer, at the bottom of the page.

When it's time to tell your pet's story, have a nice photo of your companion ready to include. There's a spot where you can upload the photo. And then tell us all about your pet! Please keep it under about 300 words. Our staff will take a quick look at the story to (hopefully) catch misspellings and errors, and to shorten it down a bit if you just can't contain yourself.

When your Pet Story appears on the web, you'll be notified via email. We encourage you to share your story with your friends. In fact, we've made as easy as possible by including our new ShareIt! tool on every new Pet Story (as well as other news items and our Health Resources articles). Just look for the little green ShareThis! icon, click on it, and you're on your way.

We look forward to hearing all about your great companions!