Boarding Services
University Animal Hospital, established in 1962, is the oldest and biggest vet practice in the East Valley and a trusted name in veterinary medicine and boarding for more than 50 years. Our beautiful boarding facility has 157 dog suites (indoor & outdoor) and 48 cat condos (...
Medical Services
University Animal Hospital is a complete small animal veterinary facility and a full-service boarding and grooming facility. We offer many important specialty services such as laser surgery, dentistry, endoscopy, digital x-ray, ultrasound, and EKG. Schedule an appointment now!

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7-13 nights: 10% Off        14-20 nights: 15% Off        21+ nights: 20% Off

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Boarding Services

University Animal Hospital, established in 1962, is the oldest and biggest vet practice in the East Valley and a trusted name in veterinary medicine and boarding for more than 50 years. Our beautiful boarding facility has 157 dog suites (indoor & outdoor) and 48 cat condos (indoor) available for owners to entrust their pets with us when they are away.

Our facility won a national award from the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition.

Cats and dogs love staying with us, and we love showing off our boarding facility at any time. Stop by whenever you'd like to see how clean, spacious and fun our boarding is for your furry friends. Try that with most other boarding facilities or at big-box retail pet stores that offer daily boarding: You probably will not be allowed to tour their space without requesting an appointment first.

University Vet's boarding facility is competitively priced: see our price list below

Since our boarding is part of our hospital, your pets will have constant access to the best medical care available. We're a great choice not only for everyday and holiday boarding, but for your special needs and diabetic pets.

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Dog Area

We are proud to offer a full service boarding facility to our clients. We have two different areas for dogs that allow us to best accommodate your pet according to their needs and life style. Book your boarding reservation dates with our handy online form.

Our indoor/outdoor kennel is perfect for dogs that love lounging on the patioOur Indoor/Outdoor kennel allows pets access to an outdoor patio area whenever they like. The run size is 4 ft x 12 ft, half of which is inside and half is outside. These runs can also connect to allow for large families to boarding together without compromising space.

This run is perfect for dogs that like to spend time outside, dogs that may be fearful of others and cannot be walked regularly or dogs that are being quarantined by the county.

These runs are not A/C regulated, as they are completely open, but the indoor section is evaporative cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. If the weather is bad, we can close the connection to the outside so your pet may relax comfortably inside. 

Our indoor runs are perfect for dogs that want a little extra pamperingOur indoor kennel is completely enclosed and A/C regulated, making them ideal for young puppies, geriatric pets or breeds that do no handle extreme weather such as thick coated dogs and short faced dogs.

The run size is about 4 ft x 6 ft and the dogs are taken into our enclosed grass yards and walked three times a day. These runs can also be connected to allow for more space for multiple or large breed dogs.

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 Play Time

Our play yards are great for getting some exercise and personal attentionWe offer additional play periods for dogs that would like a little extra attention while they stay with us.  

  • Our TLC (Tender Loving Care) Package is a play period that can be purchased for individual dogs or whole families. Dogs are taken out once or twice a day for about 20 minutes for exercise. During the summer the area is misted and we have doggie pools for pets to play in. We also provide toys for fetch and tug-of-war.
  • Happy Hour is offered from 12 pm to 4 pm in the run. We offer kongs filled with treats or frozen "pupscicles" for pets to play with and chew on while relaxing in their run. This treat helps to break up the day and offer some stimulation while they are inside.

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Cat Area

Cats stay in their own room away from the dogs and hospitalized patients. This quiet area is perfect for lounging and watching the birds.

Our cat condos are 3 ft x 3 ft enclosures with ledges for laying around. Each condo has the ability to connect either vertically or horizontally, allowing for more space for multiple pets.

We have window condos, which are arranged against a glass wall providing a view to a small courtyard set up with bird feeder and bird baths. This gives your cat something to watch during the day.

We also have a set of corner condos, these spaces are more recessed and can provide extra privacy for more timid cats.

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Diabetic and Special Needs

For animals with special medical conditions we offer Doctor Supervised Boarding. Pets staying here are located in the hospital wards and are checked on hourly by our nursing staff. All medical treatments needed for your pet will be provided by our experienced nursing team.

It is advised to allow plenty of time to check in for boarding in this area so that we may better care for your pet. Please bring in all medications and special diets your pet may need while it is here.

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Ferrets, Rabbits and Pocket Pets

Ferrets, rabbits and pocket pets stay in the hospital wards or cat area, depending on their husbandry needs. Rabbits and ferrets can board in the cat condos, and other pets such as gerbils and hamsters are required to have their own cages brought in with them so that they may have it set up just like at home. You will be required to supply all dietary needs and bedding.

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All animals staying at University Animal Hospital must be current on their vaccinations. If your pet is not up to date, we can take of it when they come in.

Dogs must be current on their Distemper/Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines. We require that owners do a flea and tick treatment at home at least 2 days prior to boarding. If the owner is unable to do so we will do the treatment here at a cost of $15.00. 

Cats and ferrets must be current on their Distemper and Rabies vaccines.

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We ask those new customers and any boarders staying 14 nights and longer to pay in advance. Any amount overpaid will be refunded at discharge. 

Weekly Rates and Long Term Rates are as follows:

7 nights up to 13 nights             10% Discount
14 nights up to 20 nights           15% Discount
21 nights and over                     20% Discount



Indoor/Outdoor Run$21/night
2nd Dog Same Run$15.75/night


Regular Condo$15/night
Window Condo$15/night
2nd Cat Same Condo$10.25/night

Diabetic/Special Needs

Doctor Supervised$40.40/night

Ferrets, Rabbits and Pocket Pets

Pocket Pets (in own cage)$13/night per cage


TLC Package 
    Once a day 
    Twice a day 
    Family (up to 3 dogs)                      1x/day 
    Family (up to 3 dogs)                      2x/day
Happy Hour$3.50
Bathfree after 4 nights
Blow Dry$5.50
Administer Medications/VitaminsNO CHARGE

Vaccines (may require exam)

Canine DA2PP/Rabies/Bordetella$21.00/vaccine
Feline Distemper$19.40/vaccine
Feline Rabies$21.40/vaccine
Ferret Distemper/Rabies$21.80/vaccine

Boarding Hours

Monday - Saturday

Preferred check in is 12 6 P.M.

Preferred check out is 7 A.M. to 12 P.M.

Late fees apply 6 P.M. - 7 P.M.


Check In and Check Out 8 A.M. - 2 P.M. Only

Holiday Boarding

Holiday reservations require a $45.00 deposit to hold the dates and will be applied to your final charges.  This deposit is fully refundable if cancelled at least 4 days in advance.

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